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The Auraguide

✯ Diplomacy ✯

In the realm of Auralands, one may establish relationships with other countries and even conduct specific actions. This section of The Auraguide serves to clarify and explain the aspects of diplomacy.


The diplomacy panel is accessible from the righthand sidebar. The page displays a list of countries that you have a diplomat in. If your page is empty, worry not, sending a diplomat to another country is super easy!

Simply go to that country’s profile page and click the SEND DIPLOMAT button. This will send a diplomat to their country which will allow you to engage in diplomacy with that country. Furthermore, this country will be notified of the diplomat and might send one back.

Diplomatic Actions

NOTE: Only one diplomatic action may be performed per day per country. Sending a diplomat counts as an action for that day.

Now that you have a diplomat in a country, it is time to engage in diplomacy. Simply click that country’s name in order to view the diplomacy options for that country.


Through relations, one may designate a specific country as being an ally, being neutral, and being an enemy. The other country will be notified when their designation changes.


Send gift: Sending a gift costs 500 Auralandi Shekels and gives it to the target country. They will be notified of the gift.

Steal: Stealing requires 500 Auralandi Shekels and has a high chance of failure, but success could pay off anywhere between one half and two thirds of the Auralandi Shekels in the treasury of that target country.

Pro tip: Check the leaderboards to see which countries would make good targets to steal from!

Countries that declared you as an enemy are harder to steal from. Countries that declared you as an ally have a better chance of noticing that you stole or tried to steal from them.

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